Night Collection Design

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Furniture Items For The Bedroom, Consisting of a Double Bed and a Set of Storage Units.night Collection Design New Product Design Contest On Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Desi

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of furniture items for the bedroom, consisting of a double bed and a set of storage units.Night collection design new product design contest on tomasella and desall invite you to <Cropped>

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Gagua Clinic-healthcare, Women's Hospital by David Tsutskiridze

David Tsutskiridze Discloses The Gagua Clinic Healthcare, Women's Hospital

David Tsutskiridze, the creator of the award winning design Healthcare, Women's Hospital by David Tsutskiridze explains, The project presents completely new building with new vision and innovative conception. Building's architecture, interi <Cropped>

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Mt. Jiri Goroshe Wine and Beer by Shinyoung Park

Shinyoung Park Shows The Mt. Jiri Goroshe Wine and Beer Bar

Shinyoung Park, the lead designer of the award winning design Bar by Shinyoung Park illustrates, This conceptual bar is situated in valley of mt. Jiri. I wanted to arouse positive impressions about the product(liquor) to visitors by showing two har <Cropped>

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Raven Kick Scooter by Ignas Survila

Ignas Survila Reveals The Raven Kick Scooter Kick Scooter

Ignas Survila, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Kick Scooter by Ignas Survila explains, Raven is a kick scooter which is the lightest design concept today which is made from carbon fiber material.Rejection of some unnecessary parts has e <Cropped>

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Delband-Pendant by Zohreh Pahlevan

Zohreh Pahlevan Spotlights The Delband Pendant

Zohreh Pahlevan, the creator of the highlighted project Pendant :Delband by Zohreh Pahlevan illustrates, The first sound that a baby hears in utero is their mother’s heartbeat. The Delband pendant symbolizes the supportive heart of a mother, pregna <Cropped>

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Weaving Space-Multi-Functional Headquarters by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Weaving Space Multi-Functional Headquarters

The creator of the highlighted project multi-functional headquarters by Acclaimed Designer says, In this project, a used factory building was transformed into a multi-functional space that includes a showroom, a catwalk and a design office. Inspired <Cropped>

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Brooch by Michelle Xianou Ni

Michelle Xianou Ni Designs The Moonlight Brooch Brooch

Michelle Xianou Ni, the thinktank behind the awarded work Moonlight Brooch - brooch by Michelle Xianou Ni spells out, As a designer, Michelle Xianou Ni challenge herself to make unique wearable contemporary jewellery, fuse the western and oriental ae <Cropped>

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Jungle Collection-Upholstery Fabric by Ioannis Solomozis

Ioannis Solomozis Shows The Jungle Collection Upholstery Fabric

Ioannis Solomozis, the lead designer of the displayed design Jungle Collection - Upholstery Fabric by Ioannis Solomozis spells out, Jungle is a mix of various elements that make sense as a whole. SOLO Jungle is a fusion of watercolor paintings on can <Cropped>

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Jinkia Initiative Shelter Competition

This Is a Competition to Help House Internal Refugees. The Challenge Is to Design Innovative, Bold, Simple and Culturally Appropriate Design Using Locally Available Materials.intervention New Designs/Constructions That Are Innovative, Bold, Affordable

This is a competition to help house internal refugees. the challenge is to design innovative, bold, simple and culturally appropriate design using locally available materials.Intervention new designs/constructions that are innovative, bold, afford <Cropped>

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Jesvin Yeo 's Visual/Senses Editorial Design

Jesvin Yeo Illustrates The Visual/Senses Editorial Design

Jesvin Yeo , the creative mind behind the displayed project Award Winning Visual/Senses Editorial Design says, This exhibition catalogue not only captures with tenderness the texture of decorative elements of traditional Chinese temples in glorious b <Cropped>

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