Nuimo-Smart Home Controller by Senic Gmbh

Senic Gmbh Shares The Nuimo Smart Home Controller

Senic GmbH, the lead designer of the displayed project Smart Home Controller by Senic GmbH explains, We build natural user interfaces: our first product is Nuimo, a controller for your favorite smart devices and applications.At the moment, the way <Cropped>

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Acoustic Textiles by Aleksandra Gaca

Aleksandra Gaca Discloses The Architextiles Acoustic Textiles

Aleksandra Gaca, the designer of the awarded project Acoustic textiles by Aleksandra Gaca demonstrates, Architextiles is a series of sound absorbing textiles with a woven 3D structure. Designed by renowned textile designer Aleksandra Gaca and manufac <Cropped>

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Awareness-Aboriginal Disability Rights:unfinished Business by Belinda Mason

Belinda Mason Shares The Unfinished Business Awareness-Aboriginal Disability Rights

Belinda Mason, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Unfinished Business Awareness - Aboriginal Disability Rights says, Unfinished Business is a series of 3D holographic portraits have been created as 3D holographic lenticulars to create <Cropped>

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Green Product Award

The International Green Product Award Nominates Manufacturers, Design Studios and Agencies Which Reprent Products and Services in Terms of Design, Innovation and Sustainability and Want to Publish Themselves On The German Market. The Awards Are Given In

The international green product award nominates manufacturers, design studios and agencies which reprent products and services in terms of design, innovation and sustainability and want to publish themselves on the german market. the awards are give <Cropped>

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Dalia Sadany's Rayon Handcrafted Classic Ceiling

Dalia Sadany Shares The Rayon Handcrafted Classic Ceiling

Dalia Sadany, the lead designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Rayon Handcrafted Classic Ceiling explicates, Rayon is a handcrafted ceiling made of solid oak wood in a dining room for a private client in Egypt. The design and execution for thi <Cropped>

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Cushion by Donghong Seo-Kunkuk Univ

Donghong Seo-Kunkuk Univ Illustrates The Cushion Cushion Table Can Reduce The Wrist Pain

Donghong Seo - Kunkuk Univ, the architect of the displayed design Cushion table can reduce the wrist pain. by Donghong Seo - Kunkuk Univ points out, These days, many office workers spend their time at the table. Many workers are suffering 'Car <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Bean Buro

Bean Buro Designs The Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop Restaurant

Bean Buro , the project leader of the highlighted work Restaurant:Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop by Bean Buro spells out, The restaurant design celebrates the reputation of the noodle brand and 70 years of wantun noodle history. The Hong Ko <Cropped>

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Award Winning Breach Office

Wenlong Xie Designs The Breach Office

Wenlong Xie, the lead designer of the awarded project Award Winning Breach Office explicates, This work is intended to create a shared office space for an architectural design institute with a history of over 20 years and a team of 179 architects. By <Cropped>

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Digital Cooler by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Pepsi Smart Cooler Digital Cooler

The designer of the awarded design Digital Cooler:Pepsi Smart Cooler by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, The Pepsi Smart Cooler elevates a cooler to an advanced digital device. The digital content allows consumers to engage with PepsiCo brands and ca <Cropped>

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Tiger-Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles by Tolga Berkay-Bien Design Team

Tolga Berkay-Bien Design Team Reveals The Tiger Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles

Tolga Berkay - Bien Design Team, the creator of the award winning project Tolga Berkay - Bien Design Team's Tiger Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles illustrates, The project was inspired by the Natural Marble of the original surface effects. The Tig <Cropped>

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